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Comprehensive Rug Cleaning Services

Many go years without getting the rugs in their homes or businesses cleaned because they don’t think they can afford or they don’t see the value in it. As the years progress, an increasingly soiled rug negatively impacts the look and aesthetic of a room and puts its occupants at a higher and higher health risk. NY Rug Cleaning is here to provide the best and most affordable rug cleaning services in Brooklyn and the rest of New York City. Offering the most experienced personnel, the most reliable service and packages to fit every single budget, we are here to make sure your rug is stain-free, odor-free and always looking new. Contact our experienced and qualified professionals today at (646) 559-7412. We look forward to hearing from you.

Proudly Serving New York City’s Homes and Businesses

The professionals at NY Rug Cleaning are pleased to offer a full range of commercial and residential rug cleaning services. Whether you own or operate a restaurant and need consistent and reliable carpet cleaning help or you’re just looking to give the carpet or area rugs in your home a fresh, new and cleaner look, we are here to help you. We understand how important it is that your guests and services feel comfortable and safe, and that a visibly soiled carpet can send extremely negative signals regarding the quality of your home or business. Let us put our resources and expertise to work for you.

A Comprehensive Menu of Cleaning Services

We pride ourselves on being able to offer the widest possible range of services for those looking for rug and furniture cleaning services, including:
  • Sofa cleaning
  • Couch cleaning (standard couch and sectional couch)
  • Chair cleaning (arm type & dining room type)
  • Love seats cleaning
  • Recliners cleaning
  • Armchairs cleaning
  • Ottomans cleaning etc.
  • Furniture cleaning
  • Area rugs cleaning
  • Carpets cleaning
  • Pet stains and odor removal
  • Scotchgard Fabric and Carpet protector
  • Office carpet cleaning
  • Office couch cleaning
  • Office furniture cleaning
  • Restaurant carpet cleaning
  • Restaurant furniture cleaning
A special active deodorizing 2X formula is used during our carpet cleaning. Call us to learn more about our full range of services.

Quality Rug Cleaning Service for Less

NY Rug Cleaning is determined to make the carpet and rug cleaning process affordable for each and every one of our customers. We offer a variety of distinct packages to accommodate all customers’ needs, including:
  • Economy Package


    (Shampooing, Steam-Extraction Cleaning and Light Stain Removal Services);

  • Basic Cleaning Package


    (Shampooing, Steam-Extraction, Stain Removal and Odor Treatment Services);

  • Luxe Package


    (Basic Package Services + Scotchgard Protection Service)

We are pleased to offer a $20 discount for first-time customers and offer the most reliable service in the New York City area. Call NY Rug Cleaning today at (646) 559-7412.
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Our Clients Say About Us

I had tired renting one of those rug cleaning machine at a nearby store and all it did was make my carpet wet. Once it dried the carpet looked as bad if not worse, I found NY Rug Cleaning on line and called. The gentleman gave me a price over the phone for two rooms that was very reasonable. They team arrived on Thursday and did a fantastic job. My carpet has not looked this good in years. I will have NY Rug Cleaning back in the fall for another cleaning.

Melissa Garvey

There had been a stain on our carpet that was there for so long we just called it the stain. Several carpet cleaning companies had attempted to remove it and failed. The last cleaner we called was NY Rug Cleaning and their cleaning technician was sure that he could get it out. He did. That stain is gone for good thanks to this terrific carpet cleaning service. I highly recommend them.

Ron Jackson

I was going to have our old carpet torn up and thrown out but my husband insisted I try NY Rug Cleaning. I was amazed at how clean they could get the carpet. It looks almost like the day it was installed. I don’t know what kind of steam machine they use but the carpet smells so fresh and was dry and ready to walk on in a few hours. The two guys who came, were so friendly and even moved the furniture. My husband was right about NY Rug Cleaning. We are both very pleased.

Anna E. Nash

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